Melodías Espaciales

Voyager 1 Magnetic Field Sonification (Orchestra Version)

The music of interstellar space…. what does the edge of our solar system sound like?
Launched in 1977 to study the outer solar system, Voyager 1 is amazingly still transmitting data to NASA’s Deep Space Network on Earth.
This piece is based on the sonification of magnetic field data measured from the Voyager 1 craft. It is part of a demo given at Supercomputing SC12 conference in Salt Lake City (….html#spacemusic)
The sonification has been carried out using, the biggest grid computing facility in Europe, using links procured through the ACE partnership and through SCInet, Internet2 and GÉANT networks. A sonification algorithm will convert data into melodies which will then travel back to Salt Lake City where they will be arranged in a concert piece and played live.
Data courtesy of NASA National Space Science Data Center and the Space Physics Data Facility
Domenico Vicinanza (DANTE/GEANT), Mariapaola Sorrentino (ASTRA and LHCOpenSymphony, Cambridge, UK) and Giuseppe La Rocca (INFN Catania, Italy)

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